LUNA Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers S.R.O. is an insurance brokerage company fully licensed to conduct business by the Czech National Bank. In cooperation with our partner brokers, we can secure financial planning, wealth management, marketing and PR services regarding life insurance policies available from international life insurance companies.

We have been providing  marketing and PR services with the specific financial needs since 2005.

Our clients experiences the benefits of us being completely independent and not being tied to any financial institution. 


Our aim is to provide the finest quality service to help clients achieve and maintain their financial independence with peace of mind and security through marketing and PR services regarding life insurance policies available from international life insurance companies.

We bring the future into present, so you have sufficient time to reach your financial goals.

Having enough money to enjoy life and provide for a happy, financially sound future is the focus for most of us during our working lives, but not everyone manages to achieve this. People do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.


Why should you choose LUNA?

When you choose LUNA you benefit from our first class services; which means an efficient and first class professional service with retaining personal touch.

As independent partners of financial planners, free from any ties to a financial institution, we are able to secure for you impartial, unbiased advice. We can recommend ideal financial solutions to exactly suit the needs of our clients, as via our partners, we have access to products based on life contracts from the whole financial marketplace.

Client satisfaction is important to us – and vital to our continued success. Return and protection is naturally important to you, so we can help secure services including constant monitorring of your financial portfolio to check on their progress. As a large independent consultancy, via our partners, LUNA enjoys privileged relationships with international financial institutions. Not only do they approach us with exclusive products, but they also keep us informed about their fund managers.

Every client is treated individually. You can expect us to facilitate to organize regular meetings to review the performance of the portfolio and the contact your consultant any time you need advice. Getting together is also an opportunity to discuss any changes in your personal circumstances that may affect your plans for your asset.

Even if you were to move to another country you can still continue to get your financial planning reviews whereever you are in the world.


LUNA is building its business based on life insurance products on the values that were so important to its directors from the start. 

LUNA is:
'Fulfilling the dreams and ambitions of all involved. Creating a brand which will instil pride in employees, clients and business partners enabling all involved to assist in building the best and most respectable financial planning company in the world and having the international standards'

LUNA operates to the highest levels of reliability and international standards. Client information is treated with outmost confidentiality.

LUNA is established and reliable with its consultants who have many years of financial planning experience. We are dedicated to excellent communication skills, honesty and determination.

By focusing on what clients want to achieve, we have a genuine desire to add value to the lives of our clients in a meaningful and material way.