What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning aims, through life insurance products, to give clients impartial help in organising their personal or corporate financial affairs to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals more effectively.

It's essentially a roadmap to follow, which will help you achieve particular financial goals throughout your life.


More interest in your savings; more secure savings through marketing and PR services regarding life insurance policies available from international life insurance companies.

Many people use their bank to build their savings, and then hope to grow their capital in these deposit accounts. They don’t realise that, once you take inflation and rising living costs into account, their savings are standing still at best.

If you have worked hard for your money, why not make that money work hard for you?
Since wide range of funds could be held in one international financial account, the prospects for capital growth are maximised with the convinience of holding all your assets in one portfolio, within the context of a life insurance product.

A world wide fund choice in one wrapper
Clients can access to the world’s major currencies, to a range of world-wide funds, life insurance products and expert specialist fund managers with proven expertise.

Easy Access to capital
The option is available within certain life insurance products to take regular withdrawals to provide an income stream.
Regular Reviews
Regular valuations and progress meetings with your consultant means you will be updated of your portfolio constantly.


Can you afford not to plan?
You naturally want to give your child the best start in life and every opportunity for them to succeed. And there can be no greater benefit than a good education.However, the cost of private school fees and university is a major expense so it makes economic sense to plan to ensure you can meet these costs, especially if you have more than one child. Planning in advance will bring financial freedom for yourself while providing an excellent start in life for your child. Moreover, the decision for your child to pursue higher education can be decided on ability, not financial standing. Life insurance products offered by LUNA provide all these advantages to you for a perfect funding for education.


A major part of most clients’ savings commitments is to provide for a comfortable and fulfilling life after work, to spend time and money on family, hobbies or travel. Although some people have retirement provision from employers or possibly inheritance, the vast majority of us need to make early and careful financial plans for retirement. You will need a large capital sum upon stopping work. However, you don’t live on the capital; you live on the income from that capital – an important difference. Taking the time to discuss your future needs with us will show you the exact amount required for you to enjoy the quality of your life standards you work to achieve.

Planning for tomorrow is difficult, especially in your younger years, but it is vitally important that you keep at least one eye on tomorrow. The earlier you start saving the easier the hill to climb. LUNA will certainly provide the best products based on life insurance for a brighter future for you.


In addition to help you achieving financial goals, LUNA also ideally placed to advise you on products to maintain financial stability for you or your family in the unexpected events.
Our independent status and professional reputation means we can offer you the most comprehensive, market-leading to life insurance policies. Moreover, your LUNA consultant gives you unbiased advice to help find the most appropriate solution for your circumstances by reviewing all areas of your financial planning.

You can rely on LUNA for advice on the life insurance policies.